Fight club - workouts for the week 6/7/15


Warm up


10 x Sprints (50m)

Active rest between sprints

10 reps of any of the ab exercises (dying bugs, sit ups, boxers sit ups, ankle taps, guard sit ups, superman holds, plank, cannonball sit ups)


Warm up

5 rounds

30 seconds skipping

30 seconds shoulder taps

30 seconds squats

30 seconds Russian twist

30 seconds decline row


Rest day


Warm up

As many rounds as you can in 12 minutes

5 squats

6 side lunges

4 shoulder taps

5 guard sit ups


Warm up

Working as a team, one person will complete the exercise and the other has to stick with the static hold, then swap over.

3 rounds

10 squats other person holds a wall sit

10 push ups, other person holds handstand

10 sit ups other person holds plank



Fight club - workouts for the week 29/6/15

Fight club - workouts for the week