All in keep moving

Workout Wednesday - 31 Oct 2018 – full steam ahead

Week one of summer shred has begun, and I feeling pretty good, being honest. Any new programme I find takes a week to find my groove and get my body working in the right way. The weather was lovely which means I got my ass out in the sunshine when training. Added bonus is my walks home from work was beautiful. Not counting all the cars as beautiful.

Workout Wednesday - 24 Oct - Ready to shred

I'm not posting a workout this week. I am letting you in on my plans for the training programme and diet I'm doing on the run-up to Christmas.

Summer is on the way

Summer is around the corner, and I have some work to do to make sure I am bikini ready. To empty my carb pockets, shed my winter insulation and not scare the kids on the beach I will do a summer shred.

Find out about 1 Rep Max

A 1 rep max is the most weight you can lift once for any exercise. Knowing your 1 rep max is important as it's used to find out how much weight to use in other rep ranges. Even if you don't lift heavy on a regular basis, knowing you 1 rep max is still important.

Workout Wednesday - 17 Oct 2018

So time to confess to being the Queen of not keeping up with life.  The will to get my camera out to capture those sweaty faced image you have grown to love has been at the bottom of my to do list.  I've just been trying to get my workouts done.

Workout Wednesday - 3 Oct 2018

Life has been a bit mad around here so I have been working on just keeping up with the boring everyday things and making sure I get my arse moving at least once a day.

I’m sharing a quick and easy workout from this week. Sorry for the lack of photos

Workout Wednesday - 12 Sep 2018 Maximum effort

This week I am sharing the outcome of my week one bench press workout. I very rarely feel strong when it comes to my upper body workouts but I have to say this workout was a very different matter.  I not only feel strong, I didn't feel like I emptied the tank trying to get more reps on my last set.  The kettlebell component of this workout was challenging but so good.