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Products we love - March 2019

I have been so bad keeping up with my blog over the last few weeks. It feels like the months are flying by with hardly a second to catch my breath.

It has been a big month. Another birthday has been and gone, same for Jaime, managed to catch a cold which turned into a sinus and throat infections and been so busy at work I feel like the weeks are all blending into one.

I have managed to find time to waffle on about the things I have loved this month

Food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities

When I was younger, I remember being weird for not being able to eat nuts (well I was weird because of other things too, but that is not the point). Having a food allergy was unusual, that sadly is not the case now. The stats differ from source to source, but there seems to be a consensus that allergies are on the up across the globe. I thought it was time to have a bit of a chat about it.

Products we love - January 2019

Products we love January

Suns out guns out, along with everything else.  It has been a hot and sticky January full of days out in the sun and sweaty sessions working out in the garage. The nature of the month has brought about my favourite products this month.

Is your skin winter ready?

Yes, I know it's very Game of Thrones, but true all the same.  The single-digit temperatures and biting south-westerly winds mean that winter is upon us in the southern hemisphere.

The change in temperature usually means a change in skin conditions and far more care to keep your skin in tip-top shape.

Products We Love - January

Each month I want to make a fuss of the things that we have been loving or obsessed with.  Summer is in full swing down here is the southern hemisphere so most of the things we have been loving are light and refreshing.

2018 Goals

Another year over and a new one underway. I hope you had a great break and enjoyed time with friends and family.  We had a year with lots of ups and downs, so it was nice to finish the year with a positive experience.  We took a lovely family holiday in Northland, the kids went camping for the first time, and we all enjoyed a lovely time in the sunshine.