Measure dry and liquid ingredients accurately

Measure dry and liquid ingredients accurately

Making sure that you have the right ingredients is one thing, having the right amount of ingredients is something entirely different. Most recipes you find out in the world (including the ones I post on this blog) use cups and spoons as the means of measurement.   

The truth is that using weight as the measurement is far more accurate but when we cook we generally want to get things done quickly, precisely weighing out 7g of something is a pain in the ass, using a tablespoon is far easier.  In some circumstances not having a precise amount of a particular ingredient isn't the end of the world, where it does matter is when you are baking. 

Let's get one thing straight baking may appear to be like cooking but is not, baking is part art, part science, and part skill, I wish it wasn't so but it is.  

To be successful in any baking endeavour getting the ingredients measured out correctly is an essential component.  

It sounds simple enough, but it is the primary cause for cooking and baking failure. 

So in a world of cups and spoons how do you make sure you have the right amount? 

For dry ingredients  

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Scoop out the ingredients out of the container or bag don't pour them into the cup 

Level out the scoop with the edge of a knife, unless a recipe calls for a heaped spoon or cup 

Don't press down the ingredients, unless a recipe calls for a firmly packed cup of something  

Don't shake it, shaking introduces air which doesn't help when measuring 

For wet ingredients  

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Don't use metal cups or spoons for measuring hot liquids, the metal will expand 

Pour the ingredients into the cup or spoon when it is on a level surface 

What goes in must come out, scrape out the ingredients from the cup or spoon with a spatula, things like butter, honey and oil stick on the sides, make sure to get it all out  

Follow these simple steps, and you are in for an easy time baking and a more consistent end product when you are cooking. 

Honey Sesame Sauce

Honey Sesame Sauce

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EasyCleanEats ebook now available