Tuna cakes

Tuna cakes

Tuna cakes - Primal, Paleo, Kid Friendly and Clean Eating

I have a love hate relationship with tuna; I love fresh tuna steaks cooked to perfection with a simple salad. I kind of hate tinned tuna, well hate is probably a strong word but I don’t have the warm and fuzzy feelings about it like I do about fresh tuna.  I think the having tuna and mayo for lunch when we don’t have leftovers has helped to foster these less than fuzzy feelings I have. 

Don’t get me wrong tinned tuna is awesome, is an easy and reasonably inexpensive protein source but it can be a bit boring.  In my book, anything that makes tuna a bit interesting is awesome – this recipe is totally awesome.  I tend to cook large batched and freeze them so we have more interesting lunch options.  They are easy to make, easy to keep and every easy to eat. 

  Baked tuna cakes fresh from the oven

Baked tuna cakes fresh from the oven


3tbsp. melted bacon fat

2 large cans of tuna in spring water

3 spring onions, thinly sliced

1tbsp. ground coriander

1tsp. cumin

1⅓cup mashed baked sweet potato

finely grated zest from a medium lemon

1tbsp. minced chilli

2 large eggs

½tsp. chilli flakes

sea salt

freshly ground black pepper



Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C/ 350 degrees F, use bacon fat to grease a muffin tin.

In a large bowl mix together tuna, spring onions, coriander and sweet potato, ensure that all the tuna is mixed evenly and there are no large chunks.

Mix in the lemon zest, chilli, chilli flakes, eggs and remaining bacon fat then season to taste.

Divide the mix between the muffin tin and flatten down.

Bake the tuna cakes for 20-25 minutes until the mix is firm and cooked through.

Transfer the muffin tin to a cooling rack, wait for around 5 minutes then turn out the cakes and allow them to cool completely.

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