Guacamole - Primal, Paleo, Kid Friendly and Clean Eating

I love avocados and get very excited when they come into season, I would happily eat them with every meal but guacamole is my favourite way to have them.

I have two ways to make guacamole, both are easy but give two different textures so it is a case of which you prefe


2 avocados

½ red onion

1 chilli*

1tbsp. lemon juice



Take your avocados, cut them in half, remove the stones, and then scoop out the flesh

This is where you get to choose, for a more chunky texture I use a food processor to finely mince the chilli, pulse the onion then add the avocado with lemon juice and pulse again, this gives a part chunky part smooth texture that is great as a dip or addition to something spicy.

For a smoother texture, I like to finely mince the chilli and onion together into a paste, add the avocado and lemon juice and blend until you get a smooth texture.

If you are making the guacamole without a food processor, it is down to you how finely you want to chop your ingredients.

The result should still be great tasting guacamole 

Guacamole Bacon Canapes

Guacamole Bacon Canapes