Product Review - Henderson bacon

Product Review - Henderson bacon

Anyone who knows me knows I love bacon, I strongly believe that bacon will one day change the world, bacon makes everything better.

Finding good bacon is not easy, finding good pork isn't the problem, finding pork that is treated in the right way to create great bacon is the issue.

Sadly a lot of companies that make bacon use chemicals when they cure the meat, that means the end product has stuff in it that you probably don't want to eat. Traditionally meat was cured using a mix of salt, sugar and spices, and on occasion smoked for more flavour.

I recently discovered a New Zealand company that uses traditional methods to cure their bacon and ham products - How could I say no?

Henderson bacon are an NZ owned company based on the north shore in Auckland, they started making bacon in 1990, their bacon is made traditionally, that means- no water, no chemicals, no preservatives and it is smoked on Manuka wood.

Where can you get it?

Hendersons bacon is available from a number of supermarkets across the country, I have found it in my local Pak n Save and New World, you can also go to their factory shop in Glenfield on the North Shore.

How much is it?

Hendersons have a range of bacon (and ham) available, the cost can vary between stores, here are the prices you will pay from the factory store

  • DRY CURED MIDDLE BACON - RIND ON 300 g - $7.00
  • DRY CURED MIDDLE BACON - RIND ON 500 g - $9.50
  • DRY CURED BACON MINCE 500 g - $5.00
  • FREE RANGE MIDDLE BACON 250 g - $9.00 (When available)

This is more expensive that the mass produced alternatives but it's not a lot more.

My verdict

I bought two types of the bacon to try the middle bacon and the streaky, I had two very different opinions.

The middle bacon

I'll be honest and say I was not very impressed with this bacon, the quality of the meat was great but real bacon flavour was missing. Having tasted traditionally cured bacon before I know that the salty and slightly smoky flavour can be achieved without chemical processing, I found this bacon quite bland no matter how I cooked it.

The streaky bacon

I was more impressed with this bacon, it had a lot better flavour, the salty and smoky profile was much more evident and it crisped up nicely under the grill and in the pan.

I was a little disappointed that there was such a difference between the two different types of bacon, I preferred the streaky bacon over the middle bacon because of the difference in flavour ,  that being said I will try the middle bacon again to see if the batch I had was just lacking in flavour.

If you are looking for a chemical free bacon then I would highly recommend the dry cured streaky bacon

If you want to know more about Hendersons Bacon you can find them at

Have tried this bacon? If so let me know in the comments below


I'm not paid or sponsored to write any product reviews, any review I write is about products I have bought and tried myself or my family. Any comments and recommendations are based on my personal opinions.

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