Product review - Blue Dinosaur Bars

Product review - Blue Dinosaur Bars

It is a fact that anyone that has followed a clean eating/ Paleo/Primal lifestyle for a while will know how hard it is to find snacks that fit with your food choices, are healthy and chemical free. 

Most of us learn quickly that if you want to eat on the go it means making extras bring with you.  I know that having a packet of nuts for snacking on is a great option but sadly not something I can do.

I've been trucking around beef jerky and sunflower seeds for what feels like a lifetime.

I have been on the look out for a snack option for a long time and think I have found the perfect one - Blue Dinosaur Bars.

Firstly I have to acknowledge the name, Blue Dinosaur Bars, it's awesome, made all the better when you find out it's called that just because.

Secondly, they have a snack bar that doesn't have nuts!!!! I can't begin to explain the awesomeness of this from my point of view.

The Blue Dinosaur Bars were created by a couple, Mike and Tina, from Oz, the bars were born from the same lack of paleo and clean eating snacks we experience.

The bars are available in 5 flavours, The Original, Gingernut, Cacao mint, The Brazilian and Mac’Lemon.

Where can you get it?

Blue Dinosaur bars are available from a range of stores around the country such as Pharmacies, Bin Inn, Health 2000, Huckleberry Farms and online from a number of Australia or from My Natural Health here in NZ 

How much is it?

Blue dinosaur bars cost around $4.90 a bar over here, you can pick up a box of 12 for about $55 which makes it a little bit cheaper.  They are expensive when you compare them to a chocolate bar but are not any more expensive than other clean snack bars.

My verdict

I can honestly say that I love these bars, I love that they are free of chemicals, use a minimal number of ingredients and each of the ingredients is natural.  The big winner for me is the Cacao mint bar, the flavour and texture of the bar are spot on and I love that I can keep one in my bag as an emergency snack.

Jaime had a go of the Original bar, his verdict – they are really nice bars, in comparison to other snack bars they have a better taste but the texture of the bar was a reminder of the standard protein bar.  Even considering that he would take the dino bar over a standard protein bar.

Have tried these bars? If so let me know in the comments below, I love to know what you think of them and if you love them too.


I'm not paid or sponsored to write any product reviews, any review I write is about products I have bought and tried myself or my family. Any comments and recommendations are based on my personal opinions.


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