Round Up and progress update for February

Round Up and progress update for February

Morning friends

It’s time for a roundup of what has been happening in the Easy Clean Eats world over the last few weeks.

After a bumpy two weeks at the start of February, I managed to get back on track and working towards my goals again.

I decided to conduct a bit of an experiment with my diet, before I explain what I've done I'll explain how I made the decision.  I have learned over time that having an idea about the calories and macronutrient of what I have in a day is useful; I don’t count calories in the traditional sense, mainly because it’s hard to count calories when your food doesn’t come from a packet.  I make note of what I'm eating and look for the best match possible in the app, the main reason for doing this is so I have some record to refer to.  

Having this information has directly led to my experiment, I was looking over the information I entered in January and noticed that the weeks that I had a high fat intake were the weeks that I made the biggest changes in my body composition.  So here is the experiment, I have increased the amount of fat I'm eating everyday, while dropping the amount of protein slightly and carbohydrates right down.  What I am hoping to do is make my body a fat fuelled machine, that is the theory so now I want to see if it works in practice. I have been doing this for the past two weeks, so far so good, I've dropped all of the weight I gained at the beginning of February, plus 0.5kg and drop 0.2% body fat.  I haven’t changed my training so I know that this progress has been linked to the changes in my diet, I'll be keeping tabs on this for the next two weeks and see if this is a strategy that I stick with. 

What’s going on with goals for the year?

So just before January, I set myself some goals that I want to check off before 2017 rolls around.  I know a lot of people set themselves goals or make resolutions that don’t make it to the end of January, I want to keep working toward these goals and that means making myself accountable, the best way to do this is to share my progress so here is where I am at 2 months in.

Over the next 12 months, I want to:

I’m on track with this goal so far.

Stay injury free for the year - continue to recover from my injury and avoid surgery

I started off in January with a back squat of 20kg for 10 reps, I am now up to 45kg for 8 reps. I'm really excited by the progress I've made so far, just hopeful I can keep making progress every week.

Improve my back squat - aim to squat 80kg



I'm not doing very well with this one so far but mainly because I can’t find a yoga class that suits me.  I've been doing one session of yoga a week either from a DVD or from YouTube.  Will be doing a few taster sessions at some new studios in Auckland.

Attend one yoga class a week to improve flexibility




I started January with a resting heart rate of 74 bpm, I've managed to drop my heart rate down to 65bpm so I should be able to reach this goal in the not too distant future.

Reduce my resting heart rate to 60bpm




I started January with a body fat percentage of 29%, I got this down 2% in January but I am now sitting at 28.3%, I don’t know why this has gone back up (yet) but hopefully I can figure it out.  I have a total weight loss of 6.2kg since January and a total of 36.5cm from all of my measurements, I know that this is going to take some time to achieve but every little bit contributes to the end goal.

Reduce my body fat to 20% 







Thankfully I'm getting back to capacity now after being sick so I'm up to a minimum of two workouts a day (except for Saturday, that is my rest day) most days I'm hitting 3 workouts.

Work out at least once a day



1 - 50kg Deadlift for 8 reps
2 - Perfecting a new fudge recipe
3 - Making tasty strawberry cupcakes

Epic Fail

1 - Not eating breakfast every day
2 - Running out of clean workout clothes
3 - Making not so tasty strawberry icing

Things I’m loving

Bulletproof coffees are my thing at the moment, they have been a simple way for me to up my fat intake each day. I have been having fun experimenting with different flavours over the last week; I am loving the peppermint and cacao coffee more than any other.

Peppermint and cacao coffee ingredients

A pot of awesome

What’s new to eat?

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