Cleaning Up - Week two

Cleaning Up - Week two

Week two is officially done and I can say this week has been a bit of a struggle, no matter what I've eaten I still feel hungry and have been craving sweet foods.  Based on previous experience I know this is just a phase and will pass soon enough, but still not that much fun while it’s happening.

Thankfully I've found it easy to resist temptation because I can see a real difference in my energy levels as well a lot of changes physically.  I've been using my daily fruit allowance to manage sweet cravings and added meaty snacks to manage my hunger between meals.

I'm hoping my craving for nachos passes soon.

I've managed to improve my sleep quality this week, I haven't really changed anything, my sleep quality has a direct link to the fact that my activity level during the day has more than doubled.

Two weeks down, two to go.

For anyone interested here is the food plan that I have followed for the last week and the shopping list (enough to feed 2)


January 8

Breakfast - Coffee Protein Shake

Lunch - Leftover Orange Chicken and cauliflower rice

Dinner - Balsamic glaze steak and salad

Snacks - Protein Shake





January 9

Breakfast - Egg waffles with veggies and bacon

Lunch - Leftover Balsamic glaze steak and salad

Dinner - Chicken and Watermelon salad

Snacks - Fruit



January 10

Breakfast - Egg waffles with veggies and bacon

Lunch - Leftover Chicken and Watermelon salad

Dinner - Prawn and Avocado Salad

Snacks - Protein ice cream



January 11

Breakfast - Eggs and minced beef

Lunch - Leftover Prawn and Avocado Salad

Dinner - Sun dried tomato meatballs with salad

Snacks - Beef jerky and banana ice cream



January 12

Breakfast - Eggs and minced beef

Lunch - Leftover Sun dried tomato meatballs with salad

Dinner -Lamb koftas and salad

Snacks - Protein Shake and beef jerky


January 13

Breakfast - Breakfast hash

Lunch - Leftover Lamb koftas and salad

Dinner - Moroccan burgers with eggs and salad

Snacks - Blueberry ice cream



January 14

Breakfast - Protein Shake

Lunch - Leftover Moroccan burgers with salad

Dinner - Sausage and pepper salad

Snacks - none





Shopping list

1/2 red seedless watermelon

2 red onion

2 limes

2 cherry tomato chips

2 avocado

1 jalapeno

Fresh basil

Fresh coriander


Baby rocket

2 bags Salad leaves

1 Cos

2 Cucumbers

6 carrots

3 courgettes

4 peppers

2 blueberry chips

2 plums

Beef Roast (1kg)

700g steak

500g bacon

450g jumbo cooked, peeled prawns

1kgg lamb mince

800g Beef Mince

450g Chicken

2 trays 20 eggs


balsamic vinegar


Moroccan seasoning

chilli flakes

olive oil




8 sundried tomatoes

Frozen vegetables


Sexy seafood sauce

Sexy seafood sauce

Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers