Cleaning up - Week three

Cleaning up - Week three

Week three is over, sadly I have to report that temptation got the better of me this week, I gave in to the temptation of cheese.  I’ve been craving nachos with cheese, salsa and guacamole for days. I gave in and I will be completely honest and say that I enjoyed it at the time.

 naughty but very nice at the time

naughty but very nice at the time

Once upon a time I would have let one slip become the excuse for saying feck it I'm going to eat what I want today and start again tomorrow.  I found this was a really fast way to get in a vicious cycle.  Nowadays I just accept that I messed up, figure out why I wanted the food I did and then move on, we are all human and make mistakes, if you can learn something from it then it is not too bad.

In this instance I was over stressed, tired and hadn't eaten enough during the day and was tired from my workout.  I'm taking a lesson out of this slip, make sure I have enough food for the day or have a snack in my bag to help me resist future temptation if those circumstances arise again.

Aside from my cheese shaped slip I've managed to keep on the straight and narrow, in the last three weeks I've made huge progress physically, I've dropped 4kg and 1.5% body fat, this in itself is enough to reconfirm to myself that it's a good thing to eat as clean as possible again.  Add in the fact I'm seeing a real shift in my energy levels, the quality of my sleep as well as the condition on my skin, hair and nails (no acne breakouts which is nice).

I have 8 days left of the 30 before I do my first proper progress update for the year so if you’re interested I'll keep sharing on social media to keep myself honest #keepmehonest

For anyone interested here is the food plan that I have followed for the last week and the shopping list (enough to feed 2)



January 15

Breakfast - Protein shake

Lunch - Leftover Sausage and pepper salad (I didn't have this but Jay did)

Dinner - Vegetable Fritata

Snacks - none





January 16

Breakfast - Bacon eggs and Paleo pancakes

Lunch - Scrambled eggs with ham

Dinner - Honey sesame sauce with chicken and cauliflower rice

Snacks - Blueberries





January 17

Breakfast - Breakfast burrito

Lunch - Shepard's pie with cauliflower mash

Dinner - Tuna cakes and salad

Snacks - Strawberry protein mousse 




January 18

Breakfast - Bacon and eggs with veg

Lunch - Leftover Chicken and celery salad with leftover cauliflower cous cous salad

Dinner - Nom burgers with sweet potato chips

Snacks - Strawberry protein mousse  & tuna cakes


January 19

Breakfast - Eggs with home-made turkey burgers

Lunch - Leftover Nom burgers with sweet potato chips

Dinner - Chicken with a mustard and herb crust with roast vegetables

Snacks - Blue dinosaur cacao mint bar


January 20

Breakfast - Breakfast hash

Lunch - Leftover Chicken with a mustard and herb crust with roast vegetables

Dinner - Tuna and Kale salad

Snacks - Paleo pancakes




January 21

Breakfast - Bacon and egg

Lunch - Leftover Tuna and Kale salad

Dinner - Stuffed potato skins

Snacks - Paleo pancakes





Shopping List

2 bunches spring onions

3 sweet potato



1 head cauliflower

2 onion

1 carrot

1 pepper

1 bunch/bag kale

garlic cloves

2 bags Salad leaves

1 Cos

2 Cucumbers

6 carrots

3 courgettes

4 peppers

2 blueberry chips

500g bacon

2 trays 20 eggs

1kg chicken

1.5kg minced beef

3 large cans of tuna in spring water

ground coriander


chilli flakes

tomato sauce


coconut aminos

sesame oil





Dijon mustard

coconut flour

tapioca flour

Parmesan cheese


coconut aminos

lime juice

chili powder

Coconut Oil

Enchilada sauce

Aussie Style Curry

Aussie Style Curry

Grilled Prawn Skewers

Grilled Prawn Skewers