Cleaning up - Week four

Cleaning up - Week four

How fast was that!  The first month of the year is officially over.  Hard to believe how fast time flies by.

Compared to last week this one was easy, the desire to eat sweet foods has gone, and I'm not having consuming thoughts about cheese anymore.

The changes I've seen in myself in the last 30 days are amazing, this includes; drastic improvement to my quality of sleep, I started at 5 hours a night restful sleep, I'm now getting 6.5 -7 hours restful sleep, if our bedroom was cooler than 25 degrees I think this would be even better.  My hair and nails are in great condition, both are growing fast but are in good condition, same goes for my skin.  No acne breakouts in the last 3 weeks, all of the chicken skin lumps on the backs of my arms and legs has gone (haven’t even looked at the exfoliator yet).  My energy levels are reasonable across the day; I feel tired at points of the day but do not wake up exhausted anymore.

Now for the cherry on top, since 1 January I've lost a total of 5.6 kg, dropped 2.5% body fat and a total of 32.5 cm across my body, that is a huge step towards my goals for the year.  This is the best shape I have been in for quite some time. 

Anyway, back to the important thing, the food, even though it's been hard at times to keep to guidelines I set myself I have actually enjoyed keeping my diet this clean. I've decided that I'm going to keep going and see what I can achieve by the end of February. I may not keep 100% strict as I have this month but I'm going to keep as close as I can.

For those of you who are interested I've been keeping track of everything I've had and been sharing on social media to keep myself honest #keepmehonest

I've also got the food plan that I have followed for the last week.

If you want to know, more about clean eating or any of the recipes I have used during January then let me know in the comments below or drop me an email


January 22

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch -  Leftover Stuffed potato skins

Dinner - Greek lamb salad

Snacks - Protein Shake




January 23

Breakfast - Bacon and eggs with carrot and cabbage

Lunch - Leftover Greek lamb

Dinner - Maple roasted sausages

Snacks - Sun butter and celery



January 24

Breakfast - Bacon and eggs with vegetables and a sweet potato cake

Lunch - Leftover Maple roasted sausages

Dinner - Garlic pork shoulder roast with salad

Snacks - None




January 25

Breakfast - Pork and apple hash

Lunch - Leftover Garlic pork should roast with salad

Dinner - Green pizza

Snacks - Blue dinosaur bar




January 26

Breakfast - Pork hash

Lunch - Leftover Garlic pork should roast with salad

Dinner - Easy Mexican Salad

Snacks - None





January 27

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs

Lunch - Leftover Easy Mexican Salad

Dinner - Slow cooker fajitas with egg wraps

Snacks - None




January 28

Breakfast - Breakfast hash

Lunch - Leftover Slow cooker fajitas

Dinner - Tuna lettuce wraps with avocado dressing

Snacks - Blue Dinosaur bar





January 29

Breakfast - Egg and avocado 

Lunch - Leftover Tuna lettuce wraps

Dinner - Vegetable and bacon frittata

Snacks - Blueberries




January 30

Breakfast - Salmon eggs benedict

Lunch - None

Dinner - Lamb and broccoli salad 

Snacks - Carrot sticks and hummus 

Caramel Sauce

Caramel Sauce

Aussie Style Curry

Aussie Style Curry