Lemon and Chia Pancake

Pancakes are a nice way to mix things up in the morning.  These pancakes have a little bit of sweetness and a tasty protein kick.  If you make a batch of these pancakes you can freeze the ones you don't eat.

Chocolate Drops

If you are looking for a sweet treat that doesn't leave you feeling guilty this could be the treat for you.  The combination of chocolate, seeds and berries is perfect. You can make these up and keep them in the fridge (if they last that long) so you have a treat on hand when you need one.

No Crust Quiche

I was never a fan of quiche as I found it very heavy and difficult to eat, the no crust quiche was an irresistible concept for me, all the good parts of a quiche without the heavy part. 

Primal Fish

Are you looking for a way to make that white fish fillet more interesting?  What if you could have a creamy fillet with a crunchy crust that takes 15 minutes to cook, would you be game?  This take on a crusted fish fillet is easy to make, tasty and a great weeknight option.

Spanish Meatballs

The Spanish have things right if you ask me, any culture that has siesta and tapas is winning in my book.  These meatballs are my take on a tapas dish I had years ago, they are simple to make but don't last very long.